In order to expedite your exam and certification additional information may be needed if your medical history includes the following conditions:

Diabetes:  You can be certified even if on insulin but will need to have your endocrinologist complete the "Insulin Treated Form" available through the link above. Blood work, including A1C, should have been completed within the past 3 months. 

Sleep Apnea:  Current sleep apnea patients will need a compliance report printed out from the company that rents you your CPAP machine or it may be obtained from the provider that manages your CPAP machine. If you have certain factors for sleep apnea determined at the time of your exam, you may be given a shorter certification and be required to obtain a sleep study prior to your next recertification.

Coronary Disease (Heart Attack, Angioplasty, or Stents):  copy of stress test (within the past 2 years). Copy of echocardiogram or nuclear stress test (within in the past 2 years) showing and ejection fraction over 40%. Letter from your cardiologist stating you are fit to drive a commercial vehicle from a cardiology standpoint.

Seizure Disorder:  Taking no seizure medicines and free from seizures for five years. You cannot be certified if you are on medications for an active seizure disorder. Letter from your neurologist stating you are fit to drive a commercial vehicle from a neurology standpoint.

Specific Medications: You can not be certified if you are taking methadone, Suboxone, long acting or transdermal narcotic medications (Fentantyl, Butrans patches), or narcotic pain medications. Anti-anxiety or depression medication will require a letter from the prescribing provider indicating you are on a stable dose and free of side-effects. You may be required to bring in additional documentation as determined by the provider performing your physical, in compliance with FMSCA standards. Final determination is the decision of our certified medical provider based on your history, physical exam, and supporting documentation. 

DOT/CDL Physicals

We are certified with the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners to perform all DOT and CDL physical exams. 

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